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Do you do massages at home?

All our services are provided exclusively in our facilities. We do not do homes.

Is there any contraindication to receive the traditional thai massage?

In case of having suffered from a recent operation, it is not recommended to take the traditional Thai massage, otherwise, anyone can receive it.

From what age can you take the service?

Our youngest client is 6 years old.

Is it necessary to bring special clothing for the massage or for the use of wet areas?

Here we deliver everything you need for your massages and wet areas.

Do you have food services?

We do NOT have a restaurant service.

What are the spa plans that can be done as a couple?

Each of our services (massages, Thai rituals, spa massages and facials) can be performed as a couple, we have duo rooms for that.

Do they have parking service?

We have parking service in our facilities. In case it is full, there is a public parking service diagonal to the spa.

Is it true that the masseuses are Thai?

YES, all our masseuses are Thai, trained and qualified at the famous Wat Po school in Bangkok.

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