This massage is done by deep pressure on acupuncture points on the feet and legs.

Neck & Back

This massage is applied to the neck and back areas to relieve stress. We offer it in two ways in our rooms: Thai or with Oils.

Choose and request in your reservation the one you like the most.

Thai Tradicional

Nacido hace más de 2500 años, el masaje tailandés "Nuad Bo rarn" es una parte integral de la cultura tailandesa.
Tiene sus orígenes en el shiatsu, el masaje indio y el yoga. Es un masaje con ritmo y coreografía inimaginables.

Oil Massage

The beneficial effects of the essential oils in this massage ensure total well-being. Discover the couple's massage with aromatic oils, a unique journey into a world of relaxation.

Massage for

A massage to release the tension of the body after sports activity.
People who do sports regularly, in order to avoid injuries, should use recovery methods that help eliminate fatigue and restore the optimal conditions of their muscles.

for pregnant women

A massage to stimulate the baby and relax the mother. It is an effective method to mitigate pain and the effects of some ailments during pregnancy.

Hot Stone

Hot stone massage is used in Asia as a natural and simple solution for pain relief.

Oils with Plants

Previously heated, the plants release their assets under the influence of steam.

4 Hands

Eliminates tensions and allows rebalancing the flow of energy.

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