What is it and what are the benefits of Thai massage?

According to researchers, by the year 2030, stress, anxiety and depression will be the main
health problems in the inhabitants of large cities. That is why currently
people are in search of well-being and their mental well-being must be the priority.

Fortunately, a trip to the spa, no matter which treatment you choose to receive, can have
healing powers beyond his recognition.
There are many different treatments that can reduce your depression, anxiety, and stress.

Thai Massage is an ancient healing system that combines acupressure,
Ayurvedic principles and assisted yoga postures, said to have been developed by monks
Buddhists in Thailand 2,500 years ago. Helps increase flexibility, relieve tension
muscle, joint, and balance the body’s energy systems.

According to Eastern philosophy, diseases are believed to originate from energy blockages.
that prevent the normal functioning of the organism, so decongesting the blockages
energy, the therapeutic act occurs.

Thai massage is made up of different techniques such as reflexology, digit
pressure, the herbal pindas, the decongestion of sen lines or energy channels, the stops
blood flow and stretching or yoga asanas.

This massage is very complete, its techniques are applied to the whole body, from the fingers of the
feet to head During and after the massage, toxins are eliminated and Qi is released (energy
vital), which will give the patient a deep sense of physical and mental peace.

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