Goodness and Benefits of Thai massages

Within the world of well-being there are hundreds of techniques and massages that have become a form of self-love and care. Many have become known in recent years, but in this universe we can identify that Thai massages stand out for having thousands of years of study and tradition. This technique has changed over the years, with respect to the different studies on how the body should be massaged as a preventive and complementary treatment for health issues. For this and more we can tell you why it enjoys so much acceptance worldwide.

But what really is a Thai massage?

Masaje tailandes bogota

Thai massage is part of a true lifestyle in Thailand, it is based on ancient relaxing practices such as yoga and meditation, combining traditional Chinese medicine with Ayurvedic foundations. Considered like this by experts, massages that will not only soothe your body but also your spirit. Thais perform this practice at least once a week as they consider it to act as preventative medicine by relieving stress and bringing more harmony into their lives.

Thai massage has become a ritual by helping people’s lives in a physical, spiritual and emotional way, relieving tension in the body through its stretching techniques and its combinations of passive yoga movements and pressure applied to the body. strategic points of the body.

What is a Thai massage?

Masaje Tailandes

The body has energy lines that have strategic and vital points for the body. Thai massage consists of activating these points and decongesting them to free you from tensions and stagnant energies. Thai therapy will help you find the balance of your vital energy, restoring mental, emotional and physical aspects that will return flexibility and relaxation.

Which has benefits?

If you practice it just once, it will give you relaxation and vitality, but by practicing it frequently it can help you fight stress problems, metabolic and circulatory problems.

By having many passive yoga postures it helps to re-establish the connection between mind, body and soul.

Consider this ancient technique to improve your quality of life, nothing better than balancing yourself and being able to face the problems of the day feeling good with your body, your mind and your soul.

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