The true benefits of hot stone massage

This massage technique is very popular in the world and we know that several times you have asked yourself: What is the difference between this massage and the normal massage? Or what are those stones for? Well, at Baw we want to tell you what its true benefits are and how you can make the most of them.

To begin with, we want to tell you that it is an ancient technique from oriental medicine. The technique is based on the 7 energy channels that the body has through which vital energy circulates and these channels are the popular “chakras”, surely you have heard about they right? Well, according to this philosophy, these channels connect with different parts of our body.

The massage with hot stones consists of placing the stones in those areas of the body where the energy channels are located, that is, in the chakras and this will help to improve ailments, circulation, stress reduction, among others. many others that we will tell you about below.

  • Improvement in circulation: It relieves the circulatory pathways of our body, it also helps to have a balance in the nervous system.
  • Bye Bye to insomnia: the gentle and deep relaxation provided by this type of massage contributes to sleep problems, if you don’t have them, share this information with that friend or family member who does.
  • Muscle relaxation: Helps to resolve muscle tension, through the different temperatures of the stones, the muscles contract and relax and thus release their tension.
  • Aesthetic benefits: since the massage stimulates the circulatory pathways, promotes the elimination of toxins and stress relief, immediately after applying the hot stones you will notice that the skin looks revitalized and luminous.

Now that you know the benefits of hot stone massage, don’t wait any longer to include this practice in your routine and don’t forget to share this information with your loved ones.

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