What is foot reflexology used for?

It is very common that after long working days, walking a lot during a trip or simply because you retain liquids, you have unbearable foot pain. This foot pain does not come alone, it normally makes our physical state and our body in general feel deteriorated; Why is this happening? Because the feet are the pillars to which we hold ourselves, also very few people know that in our feet we can find a lot of information about our body.

Foot reflexology is an ancient technique with which we can treat our pillars, the feet, which by representing our entire body allows us to improve our physical condition and make our body feel much better!

In case you don’t know how our body is represented in the feet, we leave you a map so that you know a little more about our body.

Returning to the foot reflexology technique, it is based on the stimulation of points on the feet, which we call reflex zones. These areas correspond to different parts of the body that, when massaged indirectly, reflect the organs, muscles and other parts of the body that receive a kind of relief, or better said, a stimulus that helps their healing. This is speaking at the level of reflection of the body, but we cannot forget the local effect on the feet that help to improve their well-being, the sensation that it produces in us and the benefits and prevention of problems in them.

Benefits of foot reflexology

We have already mentioned some of the benefits that this ancient technique has on our health, but the set of diseases in which it can benefit us is very broad and we want to leave you with some of the ones that have been recorded in Chinese, Egyptian and tribal culture. from United States.

  • Stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation
  • Balances the functioning of the body’s organs
  • Helps by restoring the body’s energy levels
  • Promotes the purification of toxins
  • Produces a relaxing effect that reduces stress and facilitates mental and physical relaxation
  • Protects the immune system by enhancing the body’s self-healing power
  • It has preventive therapeutic effects
  • Helps relieve pain
  • Raises vitality levels, improves mood and stimulates our creativity
  • It is not contraindicated in pregnant women, adolescents and children.

Here you have many reasons to try and acquire this therapy in your lifestyle, since it will help you achieve that physical and mental balance that we seek so much.

Share and send this information to whoever is in need right now, we know they will thank you!

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